Communiqué : Thank You / REVOLT / Holiday Sale

Firstly, we would like to thank all of the venues, promoters, people, bands, and fans who made our Fall European tour such a wonderful experience again! We had a great time, so THANK YOU! Secondly we would like to announce the pre-release of our album REVOLT which we recorded at Mt. Hollywood Studios in Vermont a few months back. It is much more intense than it’s previous album Forests And Fields. Our hearts bled a lot on this one and we hope you like it! We are declaring this album a pre-release, though we are making it available to purchase… sometimes when you put so much heart into something… you create something that has parts of you tied to it… you never want to let it go… you want to keep working on it and watch it grow. So, there are songs that we loved so much that did not make this first cut for the album… we want them to… so, we will have a slightly different more refined album that will be nationally and internationally released at a later date.
But for now, we want to share with the world what it is now. It is 11 tracks, fully produced with lots of instrumentation and love. It is packed in an eco-friendly digi-pack with full lyrics and poster fold-out included!

I Am No God.
Most Of The Memories.
The Loneliest Girl.
Carry On.
Save Me.
Roofs of Tin.
Adeline II.
I Am A Mountain.

We have this album available to you with a special holiday discount until January 1st along with all of the other items in our shop. Amanda will also be gift wrapping all orders from now until then as well! GET IT HERE!
We hope you enjoy this special pre-release as a thank you for all of your support!
The Pleasants

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We are on tour throughout Europe in support of 2 album releases : Amanda Rogers’ Solo album Hope From The Forgotten Woods and The Pleasants’ REVOLT.

04.10.12 D – Bielefeld / Falkendom
05.10.12 D –Wiesbaden / Kulturpalast
06.10.12 D – Esslingen / Komma
07.10.12 D – Kalkar / Zeitlos
08.10.12 FR- Lille / Le Bar à Thym
09.10.12 D – Siegen / Shellack
10.10.12 D – Hamburg / Molotow
11.10.12 D – Kiel / Prinz Willy
12.10.12 D – Hagen / Pelmke
13.10.12 D – Trier / Villa Wuller
14.10.12 D – Wetzlar / Cafe Vinyl
15.10.12 CH – Winterthur / Portier
16.10.12 IT – Bolzano / Da Picchio
17.10.12 IT -Castiglione Delle Stiviere,Arci Dallò
18.10.12 CH – Zürich / La Catrina
22.10.12 A – Vienna / Fluc
23.10.12 D – Dresden / Blue Note
24.10.12 D – Magdeburg / Cafe Central
25.10.12 D – Berlin / White Trash
26.10.12 D – Döbeln / Cafe Courage

We look forward to seeing you at the show!
The Pleasants

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The Pleasants’ Italian Magazine feature alongside Bands such as Fleet Foxes, Joanna Newsom,and Mona.

soft and melancholic songs by shy performers who are allergic to fame. From California to Vermont, the tidal wave and dreams of Fleet Foxes, Joanna Newsom, The Pleasants, Mona, and others. by Simone Porrovecchio (december 3rd, 2011)

…There is a tidal wave coming from the U.S., now that everything good seems lost, crushed by the eco-nomic crisis. A flood of new notes, and humbly sincere alternatives, arrived in two years from California to Vermont, where America still offers the dream of redemption. It returns a hippie zeitgeist, in those bands for which the past is not an exercise in style, but a sign of identification, hope, and the search for a lost world. With Fleet Foxes, there are The Pleasants, White Denim, Mona, and Sam Beam. The country and folk soundtracks of 150 years of U.S. history, come to life with rocking’ diseases that speaks of dreams (and fears) of today. Iron & Wine ooze of it, and then Midlake, Phosphorecent, Nathaniel Rateliff, Bon Iver, My Morning Jacket, and Amos Lee appear as though they come from Woodstock, also for their look. It is difficult to know what the beard symbolizes for these artists. A tribute to the past? A fever protest against modernity? A political statement? There is no point to wait for a response from Pecknold (of Fleet foxes) – For him it is “cool” wearing a long beard.

The challenge that this new rock has set is to “eliminate all superfluousness,” said Mike Matta of The Pleasants. To quote the New York Times, the music of this duo from Packingtown, Illinois,[misquote-The Pleasants are from Mt. Holly Vermont] aspires to the ideas of Walt Whitman’s Americana poetry such as “Leave Of Grass”. With their album Forests and Fields, released this year, and recorded in Vermont, “The Pleasants save the love of nature in our present day with powerful music that sounds not of elves and fairies.” It is difficult to define – neohippie ecorock. “We play in bare feet, but do not call us naive.” The Pleasants, peers, Fleet Foxes, add to the myth of their generation – American hikers in the woods, freedom, rebellious in nature, with songs sewn together like a warm patchwork quilt. The desire to change the world of myths – Dylan, Stones, Simon, Mitchell – is helped him to understand-it. And, when possible, explain it in music…

*this is just a portion of the article translated from Italian to English with the help of Google Translate. Click image to see full original article.*

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Belated Bulletin

If you have been following our blogs, you may have noticed that we have fallen behind by about 4 months.
Well, we won’t excuse ourselves for this lack of focus and attention put on writing about what we do, but we will say that we have been so busy “doing”, that we don’t have much time to tell you all about it. We may never get around to filling you in on all of the great shows and strange people we have and will meet, or our every musing on nature’s wonders, but for the big stuff, we do promise to try.
So, with that said, we are very happy to announce our new partnership with Kumpels & Friends, a booking agency out of Dresden that will be booking us around Europe this Spring and Fall. We are already on the line-up for this year’s Orange Blossom Special, a 3-day open air festival in Beverungen, Germany, that takes place May 25-27, which Musikexpress has called “Germany’s most exquisite festival.” You can learn more about this event HERE. We also received a nice feature in the Musicbiz Magazin Musikwoche for the OBS festival.
Follow our new friends at Kumpels&Friends on Facebook HERE and Twitter HERE. See you soon!
The Pleasants
PS- We have been recording our latest album this winter and will be sharing the latest news on that very soon!

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Bern, Switzerland

Bern, Switzerland was the 4th stop of our European tour. Bern is a city that makes you think of running water as if the cobblestone streets were canals and the hundreds of archways into the buildings were tunnels and bridges. I could picture seaweed hanging from the white washed buildings and fish swimming in pools where the basement shops and bars once were as if Atlantis emerged from the sea. By the time our quaint show at the Ono Bar was over, no hotels were open so we had to make the long trek to Stuttgart stoping along the way to find sleep but to no avail. We had a lovely soundtrack for the long, dark, and sleepy drive listening to Low, and Neil Young. The sounds and sceneries inspired a song but by the time we arrived in Stuttgart at 4:30 in the morning, the melody had escaped my mind leaving only a vague and out of season poem.

On a white covered hill
Set to a black sky that’s filled
With shivering stars…
In a house through the trees
Is where you’ll find me.
I’ll be singing long songs
Cause the winters get long
Though I miss it when it’s gone.
But to love it seems wrong
When the spring meadow feeds the faun.

So come all and warm your hands with song.

I hear the icicle
On the windowsills
As they reach for the earth
They weep for the warmth.
While the sun shines bright
Until…The sky turns white
And the wind blows with might.
And the freshest of snow
From the hilltops it rolls
Like a herd of buffalo.

So come all and warm your hands with song.

So we sit by the fire
That this weather inspired.
When the snowflakes don’t tire
And the snowbanks grow higher.
The world’s too silent to leave now
Besides, the roads will not be plowed.

So come all and warm your hands with song.

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After the Garden Festival in Italy…

After the Garden Festival in Italy, playing amongst the shadows of mountains and a squished smell of grapes, we preventively gleaned the vineyards of Bolzano. Our crime was observed by the stars alone, who seemed not to mind, but rather delighted in our ill gotten fruits. I have to say, were it not for the espresso, or mainly the Schpritz, we may not have carried out our illegal harvest. I write this now with a herd of perfectly green apples stampeding back and forth through my feet as we twist and turn, winding our way back through the Alps. Trading the blue skies of Italy for the gray clouds of Munich will not be easy, but we look forward to our dances with vampires…

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2011 European Tour Dates Announced!

The Pleasants return to Europe for their 2nd Euro-tour with concert dates in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy bringing along new merch items and new songs. Amanda will be playing 8 secret solo shows at the end of the tour in October showcasing nearly forgotten old songs, new songs, and selling a limited pressing of “GreatApes” – a collection of unreleased recordings and demos from 1998 to 2006.

08.09.2011 AT- Innsbruck, Galerie Ararat
09.09.2011 IT – Bolzano, Piccolo Teatro
10.09.2011 DE-Munich, Flowerstreet Festival 
11.09.2011 AT-Höchst
12.09.2011 CH-Bern, Ono 
13.09.2011 DE-Stuttgart, Zwélfzehn 
14.09.2011 DE-Wetzlar, Franzis 
15.09.2011 DE-Frankfurt, Ponyhof
16.09.2011 DE-Zwickau, Moccabar 
17.09.2011 DE-Saalfeld, Klubhaus 
19.09.2011 DE-Hannover, Sing Sing 
21.09.2011 DE-Berlin, Schokoladen 
22.09.2011 DE-Kiel, Prinz Willy
23.09.2011 DE-Hamburg, Reeperbahnfestival 
24.09.2011 DE-Magdeburg, Volksbad Buckau (Magdeburger Kulturnacht)
25.09.2011 DE-Bremen, Private Show 
26.09.11 DE-Dortmund, Subrosa
28.09.2011 DE-Bielefeld, Forum 
29.09.2011 DE-Duisburg, Steinbruch
30.09.2011 DE-Köln, Barinton 
01.10.2011 DE- Dusseldörf, Private Concert
Amanda Rogers 2011 SOLO Euro Tour:
06.10.11 Stuttgart, Coox & Candy vegan restaurant
07.10.11 Doebeln, Jz Courage
08.10.11 Karlsruhe, Jubez
09.10.11 Saarlouis, Juz
10.10.11 Frankfurt, Ponyhof
11.10.11 Mülheim a.d. Ruhr, AZ
12.10.11 Hamburg, Fundbureau
13.10.11 Hannover, Feinkost Lampe

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Help The Pleasants Out!

The Pleasants “End The World Tour” has officially become “The World Ends The Pleasants Tour”. After countless shows/parties with countlessly awesome people/pets, The Pleasants are marooned in Kansas and unable to complete the west coast leg of the tour. The new plan is to “busk” our way back East and seek refuge under the summer trees. We are still headed to Europe for our Fall tour there, and are hoping we don’t have to reach into those tour funds while still in the U.S.. So, any help from all of you – who respect what we are doing out here on the road, love the music we are making, and want to see us continue on our path – would be greatly appreciated.
Just click the Tip Jar Below.
And as we always say, “Keep On Truckin Banana Dodgers!”
The Pleasants
PS- Stay tuned for a hefty blog about our tour adventures (and misadventures)!

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The Lily Pad Review

Editor’s Note: I was originally writing this to the venue itself, but then I felt it was only right to share with fellow musicians on, but then I realized I should also share it with possible venue patrons on Yelp, and then I figured I might as well blog it on my soap box that is Enjoy.

So, I was really looking forward to getting to play The Lily Pad in Cambridge, MA this Friday. Amidst all of the factory farm venues that make up the “Boston music scene”, it seemed a refreshingly musician friendly venue… by email. The fact that they give two thirds of the door right to the bands is respectable, but it doesn’t make up for the lack of respect we received at our show on Friday. We showed up and weren’t told a thing, no mention of load-in, sound check, or hospitality. So we carry our gear in to the venue, and the owner and sound guy are just staring at us. We don’t know wether to proceed with load-in, or bring everything back to the van, so we continue loading in. The next band finishes a half hour later than scheduled, which is cool because that happens. Especially with jazz heads, they’re always a little behind the beat. What is not cool is that we got stuck with paying for the lack of leadership that the venue exhibited, by not being allowed to play our last song. Our family and friends had come a long way in to the city to see our show because I had promised them that this was the venue to come see us at. So when the audience was yelling, “Encore, Encore” the venue owner/runner was saying, “No More, No More”. His reasoning?  His band wanted to play! The applause quickly died, and some really awkward moments passed. Then since the atmosphere was so weird, everybody just left instead of hanging around the merch table, so we didn’t sell anything. As I was loading up, talking with some friends that were too young to leave for the bar next door with the rest of the crowd, the venue operator interrupted us and said,”We didn’t collect the cover charge, so if you want any money you had better make an announcement to [your family] that you need money.” WTF!?!?!?!?! Really? I just quietly sipped my $3 dollar beer he had made me pay for, and tried to go back to enjoying my friends. After we were all packed up, I decided I didn’t want to stick around for the last band, and would just go ask for any money put in the tip jar for us. (NOTE: I always make a point of listening to every band on the bill. This is the only way that any music scene will grow. But this venue had a revolving door attitude, similar to most NYC venues we had experienced like The Living Room and Rockwood. When ever the band changed, so did the audience. And after how we were being treated…) So I went back into the venue, and got a bit of satisfaction when I saw the whole venue empty, except for the bar girl and the band’s GF’s, but then I lost it. The two guys playing horns in the venue owner’s band were the same two guys I had to ask to either be quiet or take there talk outside several times during our set. I don’t mind people talking at a bar while we are playing, that’s expected. But this was a listening room situation, and everyone else was enjoying listening. So I did the only thing a reasonable human being could do. I started screaming, “WHERES MY MONEY? WHERES MY MONEY?” over and over to some very confused looking jazz players. Finally when most of them had taken their dumb instruments out of their dumb mouths I yelled, “PEACE!”, and peaced. The funny thing is the owner/runner/jazzhole had already interrupted my bandmate earlier to awkwardly hand her our tip money, very unprofessionally, in front of guests of the concert. It’s embarrassing enough to only get fifty bucks for a show, but can you please not advertise how poor you are making us. The cherry on top was that they illegally recorded our entire performance with out asking our permission, and of course have not sent us any of the recordings.

Now I have played a lot of venues in a lot of different places, some worse then this one (i.e. Canceled Bills w/ No Notice, Police Tape Around The Venue, Meth Deals, Triple Homicides…seriously). But none have ever driven me to the point of writing a review of the events. I usually just take them with me, and laugh about them with friends at the next show down the road. But I feel like it’s my responsibility, neigh (sp?) civic duty, to tell the world about what transpired this particular night, because it is the perfect microcosm of the music world today. Not in the way that it is biblically un-good, and should therefore be foreclosed upon, deemed unsafe for any musical creation to inhabit. But a microcosm in the sense, that with some careful care, attentive attention, and respectful respect this “should-be” music scene will flourish into this generation’s musical mecca.

To conclude, I have a problem with people that point out problems…but don’t propose any type of solution to said problem. So, in my next spblog, I will present the solution in the form of one of the best indie music venues on the scene today, The Oak and The Ax in Biddeford, ME. But that’s next time, kitties, for all of this ranting has expired me. Can’t wait for the show tonight, The Red Door is a great venue!

Give Care,

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The Pleasants End The World Tour 2011

We, The Pleasants, will be on the road again from April to October bring our “harmony-laden blend of Recession Rock to every corner of the earth we can afford to travel to and which time will allow us.
We have many of the U.S. dates up, and are adding more everyday. We will also be adding the European tour dates as well so be on the look out!
If you are a patron of Facebook, go to our tour event HERE.

You can find our dates HERE on our website as well. Each date can be clicked to show more information of the specific show.

We hope to see you all soon!

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